Handling in Deluxe Ski Jump 4 BETA1

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Handling in Deluxe Ski Jump 4 BETA1

Post by RamGuy »

I've just started with the BETA testing of Deluxe Ski Jump 4 BETA1 and want to provide some initiate feedbacks on the game.

Being playing DSJ for a very long time since the glory of DSJ2.0 back in the days I'm glad to see the game still progressing and keeps getting developed into newer versions.

First of all the differences between DSJ4 and DSJ3 are fewer to spot compared to the move from DSJ2 into DSJ3. The visuals are more fluid and polished but it's more like a remap of DSJ3 instead of something brand new like we've got when going from DSJ2 to DSJ3.

Also the menus and stuff like that are basicly the same making the BETA feeling more of remapped version of DSJ3 instead of something new entirely. But we have to bear in mind that this is the FIRST BETA version available and lots of things are subject to change during the BETA period and stuff like new menus and things like that are most likely the last thing Jussi is thinking about right now.

The biggest change from DSJ3 is obviously the handling of the ski-jumper from the point where you leave the jump, the handling is much more sensitive than ever before so a little hint of movement in the wrong direction and your jump is literary destroyed.

In my honest opinion the handling has become too sensitive, it might be more challenging this way making online play much more open as the chance of failing has increased by a great margin. But playing offline BETA1 has stroke a point whereas it's simply not fun playing the game for too long.. This might have something to do with there being something wrong with the in-game mouse sensitivity, I had to create my own DSJ4 profile for my Logitech G700 forcing 1600DPI and 1.0 in-game sensitivity otherwise my jumper would barley move or simply rub his face in the snow all the time.

But still I feel the handling in DSJ3 is better than things are in DSJ4 BETA1, it's not because I actually manage to keep my jumps steady and getting past the K-Point more often than I manage to get past 80m like it is with DSJ4, but if feels like DSJ3 offered a great variety of jumping and flying techniques. Normally I would play DSJ3 with like 4-12 different jumpers having a special technique with every single one of them, for instance Jumper nr1 would be that kind of person whom is darn aggressive and pulling forward straight of the jump more like Jacob Janda and Kasai did when they wore at their best, and on the other hand I would have Jumper nr2 being more of a Georg Späth having a completely different technique where he stand much more upraised during flight leaning more backwards, and all the others combining the two techniques and whatnot.

The fact is that even though I used quite different techniques on the jump and during air they all provided benefits and drawbacks, some provided great hight of the jump but slower speed, others provided great speed but barley any hight and some worked awesome in smaller hills and with poor wind conditions and others worked wonderful in large hills and good wind conditions.

You could achiev great things with various different techniques and styles, you could learn to adopt yourself after the wind conditions and the hill you wore jumping in, making the game a whole lot of fun. Currently with DSJ4 I feel there is simply one optimal way of doing things, you can't really do much of the jump otherwise you destroy your jump and either fall on your face or ass and mid-flight there isn't much going on other than you need to keep your jumper steady in the right position otherwise you mess things up.

So instead of the variety of DSJ3 whereas you could combine lots of different techniques I feel like DSJ4 is going down a more predefined path where there is one red-line on how you should jump making this much more linear and boring in the long run as it's more about not being too hasty after making your jump and just keeping your jumper steady mid-air and you'll be getting a good jump instead of like with DSJ3 whereas you could adopt yourself to the hills and wind condition in order to achiev decent lengths.

It's not as dumbed down as RTL SKi Jumping or anything but I feel like the game is moving more towards that than ever before. Which I find sad.
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Post by EgyLynx »

maybe tommorow we see new menu?
...Selection in progress...
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Post by maciej53 »

You think tommorow will be Beta 2? I think 3rd of February was just a rumor.
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Post by Schnitzel »

Hi, i agree with you in most points.

Especially the takeoff, its really hard if you just do a small fault you are done. In DSJ3 you could even do a , maybe 75% jump with a fault after the takeoff, but now you land at 80meters.

Well, it might be realistic and challenging but is this fun in a long run?
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Post by sb103 »

Schnitzel wrote:Hi, i agree with you in most points.

Especially the takeoff, its really hard if you just do a small fault you are done. In DSJ3 you could even do a , maybe 75% jump with a fault after the takeoff, but now you land at 80meters.

Well, it might be realistic and challenging but is this fun in a long run?
About take off and position for me it's fun, more fun than dsj3 :) Sure it could be a little lower distance between head and skiis but even if this wont change I wont be sad. I really like this version of DSJ.
At first when I made first jump in DSJ 4..I said finally !!! this is what I expected. (in DSJ 3 I didn't like this fast moves of the jumper down up etc. , for me it was like matrix).
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