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by goldcz
30 Jan 2010, 16:24
Forum: Sales Questions
Topic: Online Game Registration Problems
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Online Game Registration Problems

Hey, I bought the licence for the Online Game several days ago and received a Code. I entered the code, what happend then was that my 30 days trial went on. Yesterday it ended and suddenly I couldnt enter the Online Gane anymore, I entered the code again and it said that its already used. Does anybo...
by goldcz
06 Jan 2010, 04:42
Forum: Jumping & Replays
Topic: Struggeling ...
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Just the thing I was looking for, some backwind replays! Thanx!
by goldcz
02 Jan 2010, 20:10
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: wind "waiters"
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Some people think life is a wishing well....come on thats the soul of the sport that everybody has do manage different conditions and sometimes you have to wait more often. That makes this games so close to the real thing, that you dont jump like in an indoor wind tunnel. Skijumping is an outdoorspo...
by goldcz
02 Jan 2010, 20:00
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Adds in next DSJ
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Sponsors, real hills and tournaments would require licences and someone must pay for them, so game would be much more expensive. I think it's not the best solution :lol: Totally agree. And I think it would change the character of the game to this crappy RTL Skijump games with lot of commercials. Ma...
by goldcz
31 Dec 2009, 03:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: 8 World records today..
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Wow, i am playing offline quite a while and online for one day now! Czech is really some type of swearword here, just because of these two guys with an ego-problem. I asked Jussi to change my license to czech..although I am half german half czech. Dont be czechophobic...specially polish seem a bit.....