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Author:  Sorsch [ 19 Feb 2018, 13:13 ]
Post subject:  -= Mouse Sensitivity =-

Dear Jussi, dear Players!

After trying DSJ4 on my old laptop yd i must ask for a solution/file a bug/ask for exprience.

Situation: I am used to play DSJ4 on my top notch laptop I7 7700, Gforce GTX 1050, 16Gig Ram, Win10, 60FPS with no drops, and i found it really hard to control the jumper - even 1millimeter of mousemovement down often was too much. YD i had to use my old laptop (older I3, onboard gfx, 4 gig Ram, Win10 - used default settings) and installed the demo there to have a few jumps and BAAAAM!!!!
The gameplay is also fluid there (with the lower graphics of course) but it is soooo much easier to control! Mousemovements of 1-2cm are required for control.

I have tried to lower mouse sens on my new machine to low limit already a few months ago which didnt make a lot of difference...
There is no in game setting regarding that.

Any ideas?

P.S: i am gonna try to use my old mouse on my new laptop today, and again lower the windows mouse sens.

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