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Interesting behaviour
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Author:  Martin Kafka [ 09 Dec 2011, 13:42 ]
Post subject:  Interesting behaviour

I'd like to report quite interesting behaviour in DSJ4. I tried measuring fps using Fraps (latest version), just for fun. After a while, I found out that moving mouse when sliding down the inrun reduces FPS, and quite considerably. With idle mouse during the whole inrun phase, I get around 40 fps on average (1280x1024x32, 4xAA, max details, only spectators switched completely off). When moving the mouse around, it drops to 30 fps or even less. The faster mouse movements I make, the bigger fps hit occurs. I took many measurings on all hills to rule out any mistake or coincidence. Is this normal? Have you been aware of this? If not, will/can this be fixed for next release? It's not a major concern of mine despite the long post I've produced here, because I don't move the mouse much when sliding down and even with 30 fps the game is still well playable, but I thought pointing this out can't hurt.

(P.S., possible off-topic): Furthermore, I recently bought a new mouse and tried plugging it in USB 2.0 port: the game was barely playable with many hiccups and stuttering. I had to switch back to older USB 1.1 port, which causes no such problems. This is probably something with my hardware because all modern PCs of last decade have been built with USB 2.0 or newer and there would be more complaints. Some users on polish thread, however, mentioned similar stuttering problems on PC configurations much stronger than mine. Maybe it has something to do with this? Just speculating...

Author:  Jussi Koskela [ 09 Dec 2011, 17:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interesting behaviour

Sounds like an issue with the mouse driver to me. The number of mouse events does not affect the way DSJ4 works as it's polling only the current state of mouse once per frame.

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